Asbestos Claims

Asbestos claims for mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening and lung cancer

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence claims for GP, Hospital and Dental mistakes.

Personal Injury

Work Related Accident, been hurt whilst on holiday, road traffic accident or hurt from using a defective product or service.

Business Litigation

Breach of contract, unpaid debts, medication and employment law.


Damaged reputation in business or in personal life.

Professional Negligence

Mistakes made by Solicitors, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Surveyors and Banks.

Motoring Compensation

Car and bike accidents, passenger and pedestrian claims – more than 95% of our cases are successful.

Private Clients

Wills and Probate, Divorce and Family Law, Employment issues, Dispute and Court work.

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Quarter of NHS Budget to be Used for Medical Negligence Claims

The National Health Service has set aside £26 billion to cover Medical Negligence claims against NHS Hospitals. This amounts to almost a quarter of the annual health budget to cover the legal claims against the health service. In 2014, over £1.3 billion was paid out to cover medical negligence claims. It has transpired that the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt may be revealing new plans to fine Hospitals which are dishonest about medical mistakes. Mr Hunt said, “Being open and learning from mistakes is crucial to improving patient care. The NHS is a world class service but when mistakes happen it is vital that we face them head on and learn […]

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Possible Breakthrough in Mesothelioma Treatment

A subset of mesothelioma sufferers may soon be treated with a drug that is presently used to treat Hodgkin’s disease and large-cell Lymphoma. Scientists have discovered a protein CD30 which is present in certain mesothelioma cell lines and consequently, the drug Adcetris may be used to treat this type of cancer. Scientists at the Western Reserve University in Cleveland have discovered that Adcetris may slow the growth of mesothelioma cells that contain the protein CD30. The lead researcher and Haematologist Dr Afshin Dowlati has said that the drug is very active against these cells however, it is inactive against the cells that did not express CD30. Dr Dowlati goes on […]

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