90% of Cancer Patients Face Avoidable Delays 90% cancer patients image

Unfortunately cancer is a word we hear frequently these days. Cancer Research UK statistics state the lifetime risk is 1 in 2 for people born after 1960. Males have the highest lifetime risk of prostate, lung and bowel cancer and women have the highest risk of breast, lung and bowel cancer.

Are the NHS Failing Cancer Patients?

It is therefore frightening to see that the Guardian has recently reported that almost 9 out of 10 NHS groups are failing cancer patients (Read the full article here https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/oct/04/nhs-groups-cancer-care-ratings-ccgs-england ). NHS England data revealed that most CCGs (clinical commissioning groups) across England were performing poorly in relation to diagnosing patients quickly and ensuring they get prompt treatment. This can have devastating effects as some cancers develop very quickly so prompt treatment is imperative.

The data also revealed that just 1 in 3 patients get an early diagnosis and almost half the patients in one area did not get their first treatment in a timely manner.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is being delayed

This is the first time that cancer figures have been published. The results really are quite startling. Campaigns have raised the awareness as to how important it is to carry out checks to identify cancer early. We are encouraged to see our GP swiftly. This is all very well but it seems the medical treatment beyond that is failing us. Cancer diagnosis and treatment is being delayed.

The NHS England have said that they are “stretching goals to save thousands of lives by 2020”. Let’s hope they can achieve this as these statistics demonstrate something has got to be done.

But another way to look at these statistics is to say that NHS England know what needs to be done to save thousands of lives but won’t have the Budget to put these changes into effect until at least 2020.

Chances of getting cancer are extremely high

Changes must be made as we know the chances of getting cancer are extremely high. When somebody is diagnosed they need treatment quickly. It is a terrifying thought that your life could be jeopardised as a result of the poor diagnosis and treatment rates.

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