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The current Conservative Government has been on a relentless drive to reduce the amount of costs paid by Defendants to Claimants in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Claims.

You may wonder why the Government is so obsessed with reducing the innocent and injured in favour of the persons who have negligently caused those injuries.

Government and Insurance Industry

Compensation is paid by broadly two Institutions, being either the Government (in Clinical Negligence cases) or the Defendant Insurance Industry (in all other Personal Injury Claims). As such, the two Organisations that benefit from the Government’s Policy of paying out less to injured people is (1) The Government itself and (2) large Insurance Companies who can afford to spend thousands of pounds wining and dining the Government.

It does not seem to matter to the Government that the Insurance Industry lies as to how much of these savings in costs will be passed on to the general public by way of lower Insurance Premiums.

Benefits of General Election

But with Theresa May’s decision to call a General Election so as to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations, i.e. win more seats from Labour because they are at such a low, the Government does not have time to push through its current plans to reduce injured persons’ rights even further.

At least for now, injured Claimants are slightly better off because of the General Election. So if you are going to take forward a Clinical Negligence or Personal Injury Claim, then you should do so now – and before the General Election.

Richard Clegg, Senior Solicitor

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