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Welcome to GMS Law. We are No Win No Fee Solicitors who act for clients who have suffered Asbestos Injuries, Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury. We also advise in Professional Negligence, Defamation and Contract disputes for both businesses and individuals. We can help with wills and probate, disputes, divorce and employment.

If you think we can help we are more than happy to talk to you by telephone without charge to determine if we can assist.

We are a friendly and approachable Company, who will listen to you and provide the very best legal advice and totally professional service. We work with you to obtain for you, your maximum entitlement to compensation of up to 100% compensation in straightforward claims.

GMSLaw Team

Our Team


Richard Clegg is the head of the Commercial Litigation team and Personal Injury team. Richard is a Grade A Solicitor
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Penny Horne is the head of the Clinical Negligence team. She is a Grade A Solicitor who has over 10 years experience
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Stephanie Mort is a Senior Solicitor who is head of the Asbestos and Industrial Injuries team
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GMS Law Services

Our services include Asbestos claims for Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, Pleural Thickening and Lung Cancer. Also Personal Injury claims for Hurt at Work Compensation, Industrial Disease Claims, Car Accidents and Trips and Slips.

We pursue Medical Negligence claims, to include claims against Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists and Nurses.

We also pursue Professional Negligence claims against Solicitors, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Surveyors and Bankers.

We assist with Defamation claims if your reputation has been damaged by wrong or misleading statements by others.

Just call us on our Freephone number 0800 0463272 for a free, no-obligation discussion about your circumstances, so that we can assess the possibility of putting together a claim for compensation

What we offer

We are No Win No Fee Solicitors. The Government is trying to reduce No Win No Fee claims, however our belief is that if you have been injured then you are entitled to make a claim on a No Win No Fee basis. We shall therefore continue to offer No Win No Fee agreements to our clients.

  • Clinical Negligence
  • Asbestos Injury
  • Professional Negligence
  • Defamation
  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Litigation