Bounced Cheques

Bounced cheques, dishonoured cheques, rubber cheques – whatever name you want to give them – the result is the same, which is that you have not been paid.

You need to act immediately as there are special remedies for bounced cheques but you have to act quickly. Call us now on our Freephone number 0800 0463 272.

We specialise in this work and offer a unique service that we have not seen advertised by any other solicitors for exactly this procedure.

You can cut through the usual Court process and enter the fast stream and obtain payment with our help.

As we run a special bounced cheque collection service where most of your legal costs can be recovered by our own tailored and streamlined service.

If we cannot mediate a solution for you we are more than happy to take the case through the court. You will see the difference here between instructing solicitors and other debt collection agencies. Debt collection agencies cannot issue a County Court claim form for you. They simply continue to write letters to the debtor, which the debtor ignores. As solicitors we take cases to Court everyday and we can obtain judgment and then help you to enforce that judgment against the debtor.

We have the experience for cases of this sort and we operate closely with an investigation agency who can help us to obtain the information that you need to find the location of the debtor and also the debtors assets.