Late Payment of Business Debt

Debtors refuse to pay. We can collect where you can’t.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection is a way of extracting the payment, which you are entitled to, usually on invoices from a person who is reluctant to pay you.

Why debtors don’t pay

Reluctance to pay can be due to many reasons. The person may not have the money to pay. They may not think that they need your services anymore and therefore they simply do not pay you as there is no continuing business relationship.
They may even have specific and realistic objections to why they think they should not pay you, they may not have even told you why they are not happy with you or your business.

Often the reasons for non-payment are clouded with emotion and bad feeling. Getting a third party involved who is prepared to talk to the debtor rather than just issuing proceedings can be the very thing which is needed to break the log jam and start the process of payment being made. Often a businessman can be too embarrassed to say that he cannot afford to make payment and so simply ignores the telephone calls. This can apply particularly where the debtor has had a long relationship with you.

Unlike most solicitors, who will simply send a letter to the debtor demanding payment and then issue court proceedings, we want to know why the debtor can’t or won’t pay. If we can find the reason for non-payment we can often mediate so that both parties achieve a “win, win” solution.

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