Disputes, contract arguments, Court work and litigation – these labels cover a huge area of everyday problems.

It might be a contract dispute with the supplier of goods or services such as a car, a dispute with a builder or damage to building or property or person.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our aim is to obtain the best result for you as quickly as possible. This might mean looking into results other than Court litigation to bring about a solution.

Mediation in Norwich

We often suggest Alternative Dispute Resolution, conciliation or Mediation as an alternative to Court action. Sometimes bringing people together in a room face to face can be just what is needed to find the solution to the problem. We have also succeeded in formal Mediations where the parties are intentionally kept apart in separate rooms, but knowing that the other side is in the next room and is prepared to come to the settlement table is the missing link to an amicable end to the litigation.

The layout of our offices is ideally suited to Mediation meetings

Court Action In Contract Disputes

If we cannot get a settlement or if your opponent is just being difficult sometimes Court action is necessary.

We are a fully equipped litigation practice who are prepared to take your case from the beginning to Trial if necessary to protect you and your rights.

We try to keep our charges proportionate to both the amount in dispute and the importance of the dispute or argument to you.

We have an enviable record in connection with litigation, and we seek to recover as much as possible from your opponent, and would usually expect to receive a Costs Order in your favour when we win thereby minimising the amount that you have to pay to us.

No Win No Fee In Contract Disputes

We are happy to take cases on a No Win No Fee basis, if you think we can help please ask.

If you think we can help we are more than happy to talk to you by telephone on 0800 046 3272 without charge to determine if we can assist.

We are prepared to assist clients even if the claim will be a Small claim, although you would need to be aware that the Court will not ordinarily make the loser pay our costs even if you win. You would pay our costs from your compensation settlement and therefore we would need top be clear as to what work you would like us to do for you.

However, with the Small Claims limit for Contract cases being £10,000 we would advise phoning GMS Law to ensure that your Court claim for such a large sum has the best chance of success.