Relationship Breakdown

The disintegration of a relationship, particularly if there are children involved can be devastating.

Protecting Your Financial Position On Divorce

You must make sure that your position is protected. The divorce or breakdown of a relationship will involve looking at all the aspects of your finances.

Divorce and your House

Such things as your home, mortgage, pensions investments and also income will be scrutinised. You must make sure that you retain sufficient of the assets in order that you can continue with a reasonable lifestyle after the breakdown of the relationship.

Divorce And Your Business

We specialise in large asset and divorce cases particularly those which involve businesses.

Pensions in Divorce

The law on pensions is changing very rapidly. Pensions can be split on divorce and you need to know how best to deal with this approach in the divorce. You may need to take advise from an Independent Financial Advisor in order to know what final settlement order you require.

Cohabitation And Relationship Difficulties

The world has changed faster than the law. The law still treats a traditional marriage differently to a long term relationship. When relationships break down particularly same sex relationships there are not the same protections as on a divorce. You therefore need to consider very carefully the different factors that the Court would bear in mind when deciding the best, and often the most amicable, way to achieve what you need for your future financial stability.

Relationship breakdowns are often caused by a partner’s financial problems and so you will need a Solicitor who can protect you from your partner’s business and personal debts.

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