Employment Advice

  • Fired, Harassed at Work
  • Stress at Work
  • Sex Discrimination/Gender Bullying
  • Unfairly Dismissed
  • Business Sale

We can help you with No Win No Fee Claims. If we can’t win the case, you don’t pay our costs.

Employment has become a complicated area of Law over recent years, gone are the days when you could safely go along to the Employment Tribunal yourself explain what happened and come away with compensation. You are also required to pay a Tribunal Fee to start your claim.

The difficulty that many employees face is that the Company can afford to pay for Solicitors to take any point possible. Unfortunately the assumption is that there is no order as to costs in the Employment Tribunal and so if you choose a Solicitor your Employer will not pay these costs even if you win. We have developed a No Win No Fee agreement for Employment cases that ensures you receive some compensation if you win – and do not have to pay our fees if you lose.

You also need to consider once you have had an order for damages against your former employer how are you going to enforce it if they chose not to pay? We now live in a world of a great number of smaller employers who may choose not to pay or may not have the money to pay you the damages to which you have been found to be entitled.

We can help you to enforce all these claims against your former employer through the Court system after a successful Tribunal claim.

Contact us on 0800 046 3272 as soon as the incident has happened for quick advice. Speaking to a Solicitor before the actual Dismissal decision is taken can help to avoid problems later on, at the very least to prepare you for any disciplinary hearings.