GP Negligence

Your GP is normally your first port of call when you are ill. Also they are often the medical professional that you know best and trust the most. So when mistakes or delays in diagnosis or referral happen it can be a difficult decision to take that first step and call a Solicitor to discuss your claim know as GP Negligence.

We understand that GP Negligence often involves feelings of breach of trust, that many GP Negligence clients come to us reluctantly.

Our role is to understand the legal and emotional difficulties that having to bring this type of claim against someone who may well know you intimately involves.

Our experienced Medical Negligence Solicitor will help you with understanding when advising you as to your claim. To speak to a Solicitor call us on 0800 0463 272.

Unfortunately with Medical Negligence claims there is Negligence on the part of both the GP and then also by the Hospital. We will advise you as to all possible claims that you have.

If your treatment has left you in pain we will be happy to arrange a home visit to discuss your claim and to take full details of all potential claims.

We routinely see clients at their home throughout the South East and London area.