Head and Brain Injuries

All sorts of accidents can result in a head injury or brain damage. The result could range from concussion and headaches, to injuries that could change your life, and those of your loved ones, forever.

Head and brain injuries most commonly occur in:

  • Vehicle crashes
  • Bike collisions, particularly if a vehicle is involved
  • Assaults
  • Hurt at work cases
  • Sporting accidents

Personal Injury Claims for Head and Brain Injuries

Minor injuries

A blow to the head, with or without a period of unconsciousness, can result in quite profound problems. Temporary loss of memory, difficulty concentrating and headaches can all prevent you from returning to work, or going about your normal routine.

If the injury was as a result of an accident, then you are likely to able to claim compensation for the period that you are debilitated.

Our specialist Solicitors will ensure that you have all the evidence gathered together that you need to stand the best possible chance of a successful claim.

Serious injuries

Head injuries can result in some of the most severe and ongoing injuries. Brain injuries will not just affect the victim, but also their entire family.

Consequences of a severe brain injury can include a loss of ability to communicate if speech is affected, loss of the use of limbs as a result of paralysis, severe memory loss, and the ongoing risk of epilepsy can also result.

The victim’s personality can be affected, even if they remain otherwise physically fit, and this can often be devastating for family and friends.

If an individual is left with a serious lifelong disability, meaning that they need on-going care, there is going to be a financial burden that needs to be met. A successful claim for compensation can go some way towards alleviating the stress that money worries can bring.

Claims involving head or brain injuries require solicitors with great sensitivity as the injured person is undoubtedly vulnerable and requires expert and specialist help.

As head and brain injuries can result in an incomplete recovery, compensation can be substantial and may involve money to help with a number of things:

  • Care costs from professional agencies
  • Moving to more suitable accommodation (such as a bungalow)
  • Adapting your current home to better suit your new circumstances
  • To allow other family members to live with you so that they can care for you
  • Claims for loss of earnings from work.

Suffering a life-changing head injury is traumatic – the consequent financial problems can be devastating.

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