Hospital Negligence

Whether you attend the A&E department at 2am, your GP refers you for a routine check-up or you undergo major surgery, Hospitals are under a duty to care for you.

Mistakes happen

If a Hospital does not provide you with the proper standard of care then you are entitled to compensation.

Our specialised Clinical Negligence Solicitor will discuss your concerns about any treatment you have received and advise you how to make a claim. Just give us a call on 0800 0463 272.

We continue to offer No Win No Fee advise for Clinical Negligence claims as we are confident in our own record of success. If you have received poor treatment by any Medical professional then you are entitled to make a claim.

We routinely see clients in London and the South East. If the treatment has left you with any physical difficulty and you cannot travel to see us then we will come and see you.  We shall not ask you to pay for this as we will claim our costs from the Defendant if your claim is successful.