Doctors and Medical Negligence

With the best will in the world, medical professionals sometimes get things wrong, particularly in the overstretched NHS.

We can deal with claims where any medical professional has made a mistake, whether it’s your doctor, dentist, surgeon, anaesthetist, physiotherapist or nursing staff that are involved.


No Win No Fee Claims

Medical negligence is a very complex area of law and the duty upon medical professionals is really very low. This means that you need professional advice from legal experts on the best way to prove your case from day one. Unlike most solicitors we are prepared to offer No Win No Fee arrangements from our first meeting.

Medical negligence can result in some of the most horrendous injuries which can be debilitating to the client and which challenge their ability to run their lives.

Often your faith in the system will have been seriously undermined as a result of maltreatment by professionals.

Why work with GMS Law?

You must choose solicitors with experience of medical negligence cases, and a willingness to help you with rehabilitation and resettlement to ensure that you have claimed everything to which you are entitled.

With many years experience in dealing with these types of claim, GMS Law are ideally placed to help you rebuild your life.

Your Claims Procedure

Any claim needs to follow the Medical Negligence Protocol, which sets out how to present your claim even before you go to Court. GMS Law ensure that your evidence is correctly submitted, reducing any delays and difficulties.

Medical Experts

We need to obtain an expert opinion from consultants in the correct fields who have been fully and properly briefed. This will ensure that you have a strong case.

Medical Maltreatment

Medical maltreatment or medical negligence can take many forms such as:

  • Failure to examine
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Failure to refer for treatment
  • Failure to interpret x-rays or scans properly
  • Performing operations which are not necessary
  • Undertaking operations which go wrong
  • Failure of equipment

Types of Claims

We have dealt with many cases of medical negligence and some examples are listed below.

  • Failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy
  • Failure to diagnose airway obstructions
  • Failure to deliver a child properly resulting in forced hysterectomy, removal of both ovaries leaving to infertility
  • Failure to remove dirt and other foreign objects from a wound resulting in a grossly septic wound
  • Extensive numbness following dental treatment
  • Inability to move tongue following dental treatment
  • Brain damage due to anaesthetists problems
  • Failure to diagnose Hearing problems
  • Dirty hospital resulting in the spread and contamination of the client with the MRSA virus

Finding yourself the victim of medical negligence can be devastating. Don’t be fooled by the Political Spin that your compensation would cause too much of a burden on the NHS – think of the burden that the Hospital’s Negligence is causing you.

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