Neck, Back and Spinal Injuries

Neck, back and spinal cord injuries can range from the inconvenient – requiring you to take a period of time of work, and possibly not being able to continue in the same role if there is lifting or physical work involved – to the life-changing.

At their worst, spinal injuries can result in permanent loss of sensation or movement in the legs or arms or both, and can leave a victim dependant upon a wheelchair and constant care from family, friends or paid-for assistance.

Speed is essential – speak to the Experts

You need experienced and specialised personal injury solicitors to fight your case for spinal cord injuries – and quickly.

Early assistance from specialist spinal injury solicitors can help secure funds to assist with rehabilitation. Insurance Companies are often prepared, where liability is admitted, to fund some of the rehabilitation expenses. This gives the injured person a better chance of a fuller recovery and to save you and your family from financial ruin.

As spinal injuries often result in an incomplete recovery, compensation can be substantial and may involve money to help with a number of things:

  • Care costs from professional agencies
  • Moving to more suitable accommodation (such as a bungalow)
  • Adapting your current home to better suit your new circumstances
  • To allow other family members to live with you so that they can care for you
  • Claims for loss of earnings from work.

Contacting GMS Law

Suffering a life-changing spinal injury is traumatic – consequent financial problems can be devastating.

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