Professional Negligence

Fewer things can be as upsetting as when your solicitor gets it wrong, but sometimes they do.

There are more and more pitfalls where solicitors can make mistakes.

Examples of Solicitors Professional Negligence

Your solicitor might:

  • Miss a deadline on your case
  • Use inexperienced staff
  • Settle your claim for less than it is worth
  • Obtain poor Evidence for you
  • Cause conveyancing negligence
  • Leave your Title Deeds with errors
  • Produce your Will negligently

In all these or in any case where you think your solicitors have got it wrong, we can help you.

If you think we can help we are more than happy to talk to you by telephone on 0800 0463 272 on a No Win No Fee basis to determine if we can assist – we do not charge you for any initial meetings or evaluation of your case before offering you a No Win No Fee agreement.

We will look at the papers, advise you if negligence has occurred and work out with you the best way of getting compensation.

Solicitors Insurance

All solicitors are insured and so you have the reassurance that if a Solicitor has made a mistake then you will receive the compensation that you are entitled to.

Negligence claims against Financial Advisors

Mis-sold Pensions? Mis-sold Endowments?

There are strict time limits that you need to be aware of in order to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

Negligence Actions against Accountants

Failure to properly audit accounts.

Failure to spot fraud.

Failure to protect the interest of minority Shareholders.

Negligence Actions against Surveyors

Failure to conduct proper and adequate valuations of houses, land and business premises.

Failing to spot defects with a property before you buy it.

Failing to tell you of the limited nature of many standard surveys – a standard survey is for the building society’s benefit and protection rather than you as the paying client.