Trips and Slips

Tripping and slipping claims are either on private land such as in a shop or nightclub or alternatively on public property, such as over an uneven or cracked paving stone.

Shops and Nightclubs

When you are on private land it is the duty of the owners to keep you safe from harm. That includes preventing you from hurting yourself by slipping on wet floors or spillages on stairs or over broken furnishings.

Even if you have been drinking you are not at fault for the accident if we can show that the owner has not kept the premises safe for you.

Accidents on Public Land

The local authorities owe all users of the pavement and road a duty to make sure that it is safe and does not cause you to have an accident and be injured.

If you have slipped or tripped and hurt yourself let us know by calling us on 0800 0463 272, and we can help you to make a claim. We will help you obtain the Evidence that you will need to show how badly damaged the pavement or area was at the time of the accident – and therefore that the Council was at fault for your injuries.