Planning Your Own Future

If you do not have a Will you can leave your family with problems after you are gone.

You must remember that often death cannot be predicted it can come unexpectedly perhaps in a road traffic accident or even abroad on holiday.

The only way of ensuring that you give to those you love what they need for their lives is to make a Will. If you do not make a Will then the Government will split your money and cherished possessions based on a set formula and without any thought or planning.

We can help you with making a Will using years of experience to advise you so that you can decide which is best for you. Get advice now by calling us on 0800 046 3272.

Wills are as straightforward as you need them to be, it can take little effort from you and we can guide you through your series of choices.

Remember to keep your current Will under review – if there are any major changes to your family or your finances then you need to make sure that your Will is changed to reflect this.

Looking after children in Wills

If you have children you will need to make arrangements for them to be looked after by a guardian and you will also need to leave money for them in Trust.

If you have adult children then you need to think what effect their Divorce or Bankruptcy would have on your wishes and to your Will.

Trusts in Wills

We can help by being the Executors and Trustees of your Will and we can sympathetically help your family to ensure that they get what they need, when they need it. The key is flexibility.

The difference between Solicitors and Will writing services is that we have Professional Indemnity Insurance so that if anything goes wrong, your family are protected.